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Rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 8

The Minerva war ship headed for the Orb to repair it.


“We have no way of knowing what awaits us in the future. So all we can do is live in the present and do what we think is the right thing in this exact moment.” -Maria Burns



While driving a cool car, Athrun saw Lacus and Kira along the beach together with their kids. Oops! With the kids, I mean. haha! =D

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See? It’s really a cool car! =D

AthrunxCagalli moment: Athrun slipped a ring on Cagalli’s finger. Aw! =>


Both of them blushed! One of my favorite scenes! ha! =D

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But then, Athrun must leave. He has to correct people’s belief that the effects of Junius 7 wasn’t PLANTS’ fault.



LSS OPM June Week 4: Sinungaling Mong Puso by Sheryn Regis

gondo ng tono! galing ng composer nito! =>

Rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 7

To calm the children down, Lacus sang. Aww… Her voice was beautiful, as well as the song.



Meanwhile, Junius 7 was broken up into fragments. Cagalli was so worried about Athrun.


Thankfully, Athrun and Shin made it through the atmosphere. I thought their suits were burned down. Phew!


The two mobile suits landed on Minerva. Then Cagalli rushed to Athrun. “Athrun!” Kyaaa!!! => Lunamaria’s reaction was epic! haha! She was surprised with the Princess’ reaction. XD


As for Athrun, don’t you make Cagalli worry again! She would almost die from depression. You’re her only comforter and savior, you know! Always acting likeĀ  a hero… Tsk.


However, Athrun and Cagalli had an argument. Shin started it by telling Cagalli that they (the two guys) did their best to protect the naturals of the Earth from dying. To my depression, Athrun said that Cagalli doesn’t understand how hurtful it is t lose a family.


Rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 6

Even if Boogey 1’s troop were blocking the Minerva troop’s way, Junius 7 split up. However, it’s not enough. They must break it into pieces so it won’t kill more lives on Earth.


Minerva was in red alert. It will go down to the Earth’s atmosphere to fire machine gun at Junius 7.


All mobile suits were ordered to go back to their mother ship. But Kira and Athrun stayed since there were still enemy suits.


Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato were shown in this episode, living near the seashore.


LSS OPM June Week 3: Matututuhan Mo Rin by Rocksteddy

LSS OPM June Week 2: Sana ‘Di Na Lang by Dello ft. Giselle

LSS OPM June Week 1: Chinito by Yeng Constantino