It is a mysterious mountain, inapproacheable to human feet.

The very place where only mythical creatures protecting the mountain occasionally appear. The so-called Moonlight Garden.

Serously, the characters being mythical creatures caught my attention. That is the very reason why I was interested to watch this, not the title itself.

In this Moonlight Garden, a divine creature protecting Mt. Jiri was dwelling for a thousand years.

It was late night and a man was roaming around a dark forest. This man named So Jung was searching for Wol Ryung. No one’s responding. He got worried.

Someone’s running like a deer. Wol Ryung stopped when he heard a drum roll. It was done by a woman, at the bottom of the mountain. She was currently playing the drums as her performance for that occasion. He smiled and started to run again.

After the long run, he finally arrived at the town. He saw the arrival of three captives. A superior ordered them to get out of the cage fast. Seo Hwa was tripped and her brother got mad. He argued with the superior and the other lady, a servant of the captive iblings butts in. The superior pushed the poor guy to the ground. Then, he left them by the gate.

Seo Hwa asked the chief maid where they were. They were in Choonhwagwan, a gisaeng house.

Ah. Now I know. The woman playing the drums was a gisaeng and she was in a gisaeng house.

When the gisaeng was done with her performance, the audience applauded and praised her. She was the Head Gisaeng Chun and what she did was a five drum dance.


Seo Hwa was sold as a state gisaeng. But she doesn’t want to go there. She wanted to die instead.

It was revealed that the captives were children of Deputy Minister Yoon and he was just executed a while ago because of treason. Head Gisaeng Chun addressed Yoon as a state criminal and the lady was so mad. She even said that Seo Hwa doesn’t even have a choice but to be a gisaeng. Chun was so mad for using “lowly” as an adjective for a gisaeng. They were surrounded by a lot of men. She ordered Jang Shoe, one of her men servers, to strip Seo Hwa. The latter just cried. Then, Chun ordered to tie her up. Two men tied Seo Hwa on a tree trunk. Her brother and servant were locked up in a storage room.

Seo Hwa was left outside, shivering. She’s tied up in a shame tree. The chief maid told her to leave all her pride on that tree and plead for forgiveness the next morning or she’ll suffer even more. She refused then she started shouting, begging to set her free.

Wol Ryung took pity on her. But So Jung told him not to meddle with humans.



One brght morning, the Yoon family’s house was surrounded with soldiers. Jo Gwang Woong was the leader. He accused Seo Hwa’s father, Gi Soo, for being a traitor. Gi Soo was so mad when Gwang Woong said that Seo Hwa will be a state gisaeng. He was about to pierce him with his sword. Gwang Woong was fast enough to kill his noble friend with his sword. Blood spurted on his face as well as on Seo Hwa’s.

<end of flasjback>


In the meantime, Gwang Woong was having fun with the gisaengs. Head gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun arrived and greeted him. He was just promoted as a senior rank five officer. He even told her a lie that he made a promise to his friend: to be the first one to bed with Seo Hwa. It would take at least two or three months to be a gisaeng. Seriously, this perverted old man… Ugh. I hate him! RAWR! Gwang Woong ordered her to shorten it to five days.


The next morning, Seo Hwa was seen by the villagers. People laughed at her and kids threw stones at her. She was humiliated but she insisted that she won’t become a gisaeng. Wol Ryung watched her all day. He’s confused if he’s going to help her or not.

Three days passed. Nothing to eat. Nothing to drink. Bleeding head. Seo Hwa was loosing her enegy that she lost her consciousness.

Wol Ryung was about to help her when So Jung found him. He was told not to meddle with her destiny even though she’s a youngster facing a cruel punishment. But he was determined to help her despite his promise that he won’t meddle with human affairs.

“The first exception is the most crucial mistake. Once you make the first exception, the second and third times become easier.” –So Jung

Wol Ryung got mad that he threw So Jung’s walking stick. I thought he’s going to hit So Jung. The stick pierced through a huge snake’s body. Then, he melted the reptile until it’s torned into pieces. Finally, he went to rescue the poor girl. He came back to Seo Hwa but she’s gone.


Now I know. Dam was the Yoon family’s servant.

Dam was so happy upon knowing that Seo Hwa came back to her senses. Her mistress just had a high fever. The head gisaeng had a change of heart and ordered to bring her inside Choonhwagwan. Seo Hwa wanted to escape. Even if she die, she doesn’t want to be there.

Soo Ryun came in. The window was opened and saw that her brother was tied up. He was surrounded by lots of men. The young master said he didn’t care whatever happens to him as long as Seo Hwa won’t become a gisaeng. They started to beat her brother up. She couldn’t take it anymore. She accepted to become a gisaeng.


The chief made dressed her up. I never knew that gisaengs should have a tattoo on their right shoulder blade.


The young master heard the news that Seo Hwa will be with Officer Jo that night, he asked for Dam’s help. She’s the only one who could do his request. They know that Dam will be in big trouble if the plan was revealed but it was the only was to save his sister.

Let me guess. Dam will pretend to be Seo Hwa?


Seo Hwa was so mad and terrified once she discovered that the one she’ll be sleeping with that night was Officer Jo. The chief maid said that she can’t do anything about it.

Seo Hwa reminded me of someone. JR’s partner in Dream High Season 2.

She was about to commit suicide when Dam came. She said that they’ll exchange clothes. Dam said she’ll be alright after a few beatings but things won’t be the same for Seo Hwa anymore. The plan was to let Seo Hwa escape. The mistress has to stay alive in order to clean her father’s name, revenge on Gwan Woong and to take Dam back. The two ladies were in tears.

“You have to stay alive. If you die, you can’t accomplish anything.” –Dam


By night, Soo Ryun came inside the room to check Seo Hwa. I thought she won’t suspect anything. But it was discovered that the one at the room wasn’t Seo Hwa. It was Dam. Soo Ryun slapped her so hard that she stumbled to the floor. The head gisaeng asked where Seo Hwa was. Soo Ryun was about to punish her when Dam made up a story by telling her that she just exchanged clothes with Seo Hwa and she doesn’t really know anything. Then a gisaeng came inside to say that Officer Jo just arrived. Soo Ryun was so stressed! She commanded the chief maid to tell Jang Shoe to capture Seo Hwa. Then she told Dam to serve Officer Jo that night. Dam begged her not to but it was decided.

At the same time, the siblings escaped into the dark forest. Omo! Hurry, guys! Hurry! Jang Shoe’s troop might catch you! >.<


Wol Ryung noticed a difference in the ambiance of the forest. There was something going on.

Wol Ryung looked like an anime guy. He can be  a good cosplayer! =)


Officer Jo was so impatient. He’s so fired up to bed Seo Hwa. You want me to literally set fire on you, old man, huh? Ugh. I’m pissed with this leech!

Soo Ryun talked to him first. It was the child first time and she’s scared. The head gisaeng requested to turn the candle off. She also said the they didn’t told the child that she will be serving him. If the child knew about it, she might kill herself. Officer Jo was convinced so he blew the candle light off.

Dam came inside the room and Soo Ryun went out. She was ordered not to say anything. The door was locked. She attempted to escape. But won’t be able to do that of course! Then here comes the perverted officer.


Seo Hwa tripped herself. She was worried about Dam. Jung Yoon told her that there’s no time left. They continue to run but she’s tripping as always. Jang Shoe’s troop was chasing them and they’re getting closer and closer. Omo! Wol Ryung, save them!!! Seo Hwa was tired so she told Yoon to run away. She’ll hide herself from Jang Shoe’s men. They must split or else, both of them will die and they won’t be able to accomplish their mission.

Jung Yoon promised to find her no matter what and left. Seo Hwa noticed that Jang Shoe and his men were approaching. Seo Hwa took a hair clip with a pointed end. She was thinking of commiting suicide. She was about to kill herself when she saw small blue lights around her. Later on, she lost her consciousness or would it be better to say ‘hypnotised.’ Before she fell to the ground, Wol Ryung was able to catch her. Way to go Wol Ryung! =D Before Seo Hwa fully lost her consciousness, she begged for help from him.

Jang Shoe and his men saw Wol Ryung. The latter demanded them to leave the forest. He even set up a tornado to scare them away.


Officer Jo was so mad when he discovered that he bed with a midsevant. He slapped Soo Ryun and almost kill her. The chief maid said that Seo Hwa ran away. Soo Ryun begged to give the child one more chance and promised Gwan Woong to bring Seo Hwa back.


Next day.

Jung Yoon woke up. If he’s a mythical creature, he could be a wolf. What do you think? Sad to say, a group of three men caught him. He was brought back at the city.

Dam saw him. He was so beaten up and he’s about to die that day. For the last time, Gwan Woong asked him where Seo Hwa was. But he didn’t answer so the soldiers hanged him up with a thick rope. The soldiers wearing cone hats reminded me of dwarfs. XD

“Dam, thank you. I won’t forget your kindness even in the afterlife.” –Jung Yoon

It was revealed that the two had an intimate relationship with each other. Now, Dam was the one who looked like a zombie.


Jang Shoe reported to Soo Ryun that they saw a gumiho in the forest. He thought that they’ll day last night. Also, he thought that she had been a gumiho’s victim. Officer Jo heard the news.

Dam couldn’t take it anymore so she committed suicide.


Seo Hwa woke up inside a cave. Her sprained ankle was treated. She walked outside and saw blue lights all over the place. It was like a paradise in the dark forest.

Wol Ryung saw her and introduced himself as Gu Wol Ryung. Ah. So the Gu family was composed of mythical creatures. This is going to be fun! =D


Sheriff Dam Pyeong Joon came to Gwan Woong’s office. He will be the one to organize the dispatch group in search for the gumiho and Seo Hwa’s dead body.

So Jung saw the troop and hurriedly went to Wol Ryung’s place. He was surprised upon meeting Seo Hwa in Wol Ryung’s place. He commanded him to send her away. But Wol Ryung refused.

Wol Ryung admitted to So Jung that he fell in love with Seo Hwa at first sight. He requested for the Gu Family book. He wanted to become human.

Narration: In that Moonlight Garden, their sad legendary story was just beginning.

-end of Ep 1-

* * * *


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