Kang Chi was hurt even if most of their opponents were illusions. Where is Miss Youl’s partner? When Kang Chi got the real assassin, the illusions fade away.

Youl sent Kang Chi an ointment for his wound. Youl’s partner was Gon.


Park knew that So Jung really went to his inn to warn his gurads. In that way, Park was saved.


Chung Jo was so worried bout Kang Chi. She hugged him and asked if she would be able to live without him.


Ten days were left before Kang Chi turns twenty years old. So Jung told Kang Chi not to stay at the inn that night. He warned him that something bad will happen.


Miss Youl/Yeo Wool and Gon met up with Tae Seo. The young master was so happy to see her. Gon feels kinda out of place.


Lee Soon Shin, the newly appointed governer met Park. He asked for Park’s help in funding a large vessel to protect their country. Park funded him.


Kwanung made up a story that his man went missing and asked to search around the Century House. He accused Park for committing treason. Kang Chi arrived and gave proofs that Park won’t commit a crime. Kwanung got mad and his men attacked Kang Chi. However, when one of Kwanung’s man was about to kill Kang Chi with a sword, Park blocked him. He was the one who died from that sword. Kang Chi was so mad. A strong wind blew and his eyes glowed green whule saying “I will kill you” to Kwanung.

I just wanted to say that the director of this drama and the actor portraying Kwanung did great. Kwanung’s character made me pissed! Congratulations!

-end of Ep 5-

* * * *


I do not the show.