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Rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 11

As a representative of Orb, Cagalli doesn’t want to join force with the Atlantic Federation. However, it was what the council agreed.


Ugh. This Yula. I’m wanna shoot him! GRRR!!!


Due to previous danger experienced, ZAFT agreed to have a defense system against the Atlantic Forces. Who knows what will the enemy’s next move?


Athrun had his own bodyguards. That day, they visited their deceased loved ones. Ezach wanted to make arrangements for the return of Athrun in ZAFT.

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Minerva left the Earth. Meanwhile, Yula proposed… was propose the right term? Or should it be ‘order,’ since he didn’t even let Cagalli decide first?


UGH. He’s getting on my nerves!


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Rewatching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 9

Polar Orbit’s fleet equipped with nuclear missiles attacked PLANTs. Those missiles might eliminate the whole PLANT space fleet.



Good thing, PLANT was able to destroy those missiles. Phew! That was close!


Capturex Capturef


Meanwhile, Athrun was surprised seeing Lacus outside Earth. What’s even more surprising was the way she moved. She acted like a clumsy little girl.

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Heart No Diamond

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Himeno’s chest will hurt if any boy touches her because she has the diamond of the heart. However, when she was young, she befriended two boys — the gentle Mamoru and the blunt Keigo — who are able to touch her without harming her. Without knowing about the diamond of the heart, both Mamoru and Keigo promised to protect Himeno. When some people threaten to take Himeno’s heart, who else will protect her but her knights?


At first, I have chosen Mamoru over Keigo. It was because of his silver hair. He reminded me of Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. However, he looked like the main character in Fruits Basket. Moreover, Mamoru’s character was kinda boring.


Himeno has the diamond heart. We all know that. Here’s what happened when they grew up. Himeno was in first year High school and still have a puppy love for Mamoru. Mamoru attended the ceremony for becoming a Knight, but Keigo didn’t. As a knight, he wasn’t allow to love the one having the diamond heart -Himeno.

Keigo took that chance to catch Himeno’s attention. The result was positive. Himeno loved him. However, he also ended up to becoming a knight to protect her. Because lots of men were attracted to the diamond heart and want to snatch Himeno away.

eheart_no_daiya_vol_2_chp_6_sms_lw.026 eheart_no_daiya_vol_2_chp_6_sms_lw.027

Still, it’s obvious that Keigo loves Himeno. He just can’t say the forbidden words, “I love you,” or else, he’ll die.

tlw_rsd_hnd_v003-c013_p043  clw_rsd_hnd_v003-c014_p010 clw_rsd_hnd_v003-c014_p011

Drama fail but it’s still emotional:



As of now, there were only three volumes available. I have no idea when the next volume will be released or what’s in it.

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