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LSS November Week 3: Dati by Sam Concepcion


LSS November Week 2: Mahal na Mahal by Sam Concepcion

Ailee Profile

So yeah. I find it hard to sleep tonight so I decided to make this.

552511_399553823425667_491708962_n 582207_408396512541398_1995488538_n

Lee Ye Jin or Amy Lee was popularly known as Ailee.

Birthday: May 30, 1989

Birthplace:  Denver, Colorado, USA.


She started her singing career in the US by joining some singing contests. However, her name didn’t much click there. Going back to Korea, she finally gained stardom under the YMC Entertainment. She gained the netizens’ attention  after “the singer and the trainee” performance. Dream High 2 helped rose her popularity as well, though not that much.

426050_304219939625723_230291771_n  525409_333959256651791_1197210271_n581258_391735330874183_212405295_n 426568_285605494845343_133288203410407_729218_1338829741_n

431532_412424115471971_1049888362_n 577059_384396961608020_425272078_n

432305_304219649625752_726977203_n 430458_310116289036088_1533243036_n

314132_350436948337355_1782844959_n 398630_304219736292410_1252870132_n

Ailee is one of the female Korean artists who have this powerhouse vocals, aside from Bom of 2NE1 and IU.

600013_398853006829082_1675885148_n 548518_422074491173600_891041685_n 


Personally, I took a liking to her latest album “A’s doll house.” Aside from “You and I,” “How Could You Do This To Me” has also become my favorite! The feels, baby! The feels.


Aside from being a singer, she seemed to be a style icon as well.

ailee2 2167 ailee shoesone

1080_421617251235615_285323554_n 48940-airport-fashion-leaving-for-golden-disk-awards-in-kuala-lumpur-malaysi

400676_404313136283069_174225007_n 419459_507503999278028_1689020150_n

425092_399786900069026_2068575997_n South-Korean-singer-Ailee-poses-for-the-lenses-as-she-arrives-for-High1-Seoul-Music-Awards-held-in-Seoul-on-January-31-2013

She’s also bubbly and was known to be close to the f(x) member Amber.

269880_437860532928329_87117753_n 318088_383376671710049_485821084_n 376812_398688133512236_1877743186_n 420382_434105899970459_978478142_n

406125_398688180178898_1896191057_n 486631_398688020178914_927898549_n

488116_398200170227699_1371624056_n483357_401343433246706_1228258328_n 541854_398688243512225_1065869332_n

545912_422146091166440_1505031700_n 552514_398688416845541_236594091_n



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Dream High 2 Cast

This was already televised in 2012. But can I do? It’s as good as the first season!

Kang So-Ra as Shin Hae Sung.


Hae Sung was no good in singing and dancing. But she was an intelligent girl and a major fan of JB. I’m referring to the Jae Bum in this story, not Justin Bieber.

409071_260246084047951_133288203410407_668469_475953197_n 21 25 417769_284660404931301_821133998_n 13

Jinwoon as Jin Yoo-Jin


Yoo Jin was a composer/guitarist. He loves rock! G minorrr!!!!

425586_260246250714601_133288203410407_668471_921664041_n 38 15

Park Ji Yeon as Rian of HershE


She’s a bad ass artist who dreamed of becoming an actress.

420850_271537509585475_133288203410407_695908_173821890_n 426874_260246397381253_133288203410407_668473_887634700_n 402285_285514134845928_1529791291_n 18 22

JB as JB of Eden. He’s the JB I was talking about.


He’s an Oz entertainment talent, a break dancer.

576331_421242191273121_748556074_n JB-dream-high-2-29432995-520-779 24

HyoRin as Nana of HershE


Nana was my bias here. She sings well and she’s adorable. Her somehow hoarse voice was kawaii!!!

430329_261588653913694_133288203410407_671544_1960403449_n 423837_269597543112805_133288203410407_692087_1806942415_n 31 12

Park Seo Joon as Si Woo of Eden


Ailee as herself from HershE. She’s my other bias.


As Ailee of HershE, she plays the hello kitty lover girl with a cutesy voice. But in real life, Ailee has a powerhouse vocals.

430986_304227522958298_1764193761_n 306784_399786950069021_449928514_n 29

JR as Jung Ui Bong


Ui Bong was a break dancer of Kirin High.

426536_284651768265498_1967072568_n 17

Jung Yeon Joo as Lee Seul


Kim Ji So as Park Hong Joo

32 1 25

Yoo So Young as Park Soon Dong


399820_259312610807965_133288203410407_666298_1314456827_n 408873_252259301513296_133288203410407_650024_156936940_n

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It’s Not Like That Darling

its-not-like-that-darling-1049547 its-not-like-that-darling-1049495 its-not-like-that-darling-1049657


Maiko Ninomiya is college freshman again this year! All because of the accident a year ago that put her in the hospital for half a year. Not to let the fact that she was held back a year dishearten her, she made a complete recovery. ( However, she kept on dreaming about a guy. She never met him but in her dreams, she loves him and calls him Sei-chan. Then she met that Sei-chan look-a-like named Yukiya Nagase. He was a novelist and a professor at her university. Since their first meeting, strange things happened. Who really is Yukiya? Does he have a connection to Sei-chan?


So, here goes Maiko. Recently, she’s been dreaming about her ‘lover’ named Sei-chan. Then at her university, she met that guy in real life! However, his name was Yukiya Nagase, the novelist and popular professor in her school. in their first meeting, Maiko’s heartbeat raced. Honestly, the way his eyes were drawn made him handsome! Yay!

its-not-like-that-darling-1049499 its-not-like-that-darling-1049505

Pieces of unknown memories were refreshed in her mind. Also, it’s not just that Yukiya’s handsome, that’s why her heart races whenever she sees him. She knows that something weird was happening in her body.

its-not-like-that-darling-1049514 its-not-like-that-darling-1049528 its-not-like-that-darling-1049544 its-not-like-that-darling-1049550

In Maiko’s body, Haruka’s blood flows. Last year, Haruka donated her blood to Maiko when the latter was caught in an accident. Because of this, Yukiya-the husband-wanted Maiko to be with him, for the memories of his wife were in Maiko. Another thing, his son Touya was so cute! Ahaha!!! =>

Finally, she learned the purpose why Haruka’s memories were with her -to take care of Touya. So she agreed living with Yukiya, for Touya’s sake and not Yukiya’s.


As the days passed by, she found happiness from living with them.

its-not-like-that-darling-1049616 its-not-like-that-darling-1049636 its-not-like-that-darling-1049637

But of course, there were jealous fan girls around, harassing Maiko. The latter can’t even tell it to Yukiya. But as Yukiya learned about it, he was sorry and he wanted to protect her.

its-not-like-that-darling-1049650 its-not-like-that-darling-1049651

To Maiko, Yukiya was just attracted to her because Haruka’s blood was flowing in her body. But in the end, Yukiya finally accepted Haruka’s death, and admitted that he likes Maiko not because of Haruka, but because of who she is. So, it’s a good end for both of them.


Honestly, this is one of the most unforgettable manga for me. Everytime I read it over again, the story touches my heart. You know the feels… Yeah. The happiness and heartache… Ugh! It’s too beautiful! So I really recommend this story, especially to those who wanted a melodrama manga.

LSS November Week 1: Nasan Ka Na by Kris Angelica