There was once a cancer-stricken woman named Joyce who retired from her work in order to enjoy the last three months of her life. She created a list of things that she has to accomplish before she dies. Together with her best friend Ruby, she traveled to various places and pampered herself. Also, she put closure to all of the people whom she sinned from and asked for forgiveness to what she had done like stealing her mother’s jewelry and being a mistress of her office mate, Rod. Her mother was determined to prevent her death. However, Joyce was convinced that she can’t be treated anymore despite of all the money they have and that she will end up like her father who died of cancer. She even had a personal conversation with God and at first, she blamed Him on all of the tragic events in her life, even her illness. But in the end, she realized that there are thins she has to accept even though she can’t understand it. Upon her death, she was convinced that she fulfilled her mission and was read to face the verdict of Heaven.


Death has always been perceived by the Filipino society in a negative way and is considered as a taboo in conversations. However, death is inevitable and no one is excused from it. It is only about who will be the first one to encounter it and this ideology has been pointed out in “100.” Unlike most of the stories that feature death, this movie had taken the lighter and brighter approach due to its humor and wit. Joyce, the main character, may have suffered a chronic disease but she remained a strong woman and perceived her death in a positive way. It is true indeed that in life, we must not mourn all day for the deceased. Instead, we should be happy for them for their sufferings will finally end and be in the world of eternal happiness with God. But in most cases, we don’t know when will our lives end that’s why we should express how much we value our loved ones and enjoy every moment with them while we are still alive.



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