Here are my top 10 RWBY characters with cool semblance!

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat

Semblance is something that is innate in nature. This ranking is based on the ability of the characters to fight in armed and unarmed combat, to control the semblance, and mastery to use it in various stunts.

10. Lie Ren

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Ren has the ability to gather his strength and fight in unarmed combat. He has mastered how to use his aura for offense and defense. What sets hi  in the 10th rank is his endurance. Using too much of his aura drains his energy. In battle, winners are the ones who were left.

9. Blake Belladonna

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Blake’s shadow create clones of her mostly for defense and diversions. She has shown mastery of her semblance since the first season. However, her clones were stationery thus only distracting the enemy.

8. Sun Wukong

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Sun has a similar semblance to that…

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