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Top RWBY Costumes

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat


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Top 10 RWBY Weapons

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat

This list is based on the weapon’s efficiency, design and total badass quality.

10. Neptune’s Gun and Coco’s Handbag

Gun that turns into a trident with electric current? A badass gatling gun? Come on. Who wouldn’t like that?

9. Sun’s Ryuji and Jingu Bang

images (5)

Convertible weapon good for short and mid range combat. The name screams “Bigbang!”

8. Blake’s Gambol Shroud

Gambol shroud photo derived from

Can be used with semblance and induced with dust. This multi-purpose weapon sure is cool.

7. Weiss’ Myrtenaster

unnamed (1)

I really like the idea that you could use a variety of dust on this one.

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6. Pyrrha’s Miló and Akoúo

images (6)

Javelin + xiphos + rifle + shield. Another convertible weapon.

5. Emerald’s weapon

images (8)

Also a convertible weapon. Kusarigamas!!!

4. Ruby’s Crescent Rose

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I love this scythe/ sniper rifle since the red trailer. The looks of it already defines badass.

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