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Monstar Ep 4

Cha Do Nam beaten up Kyu Dong during the weekly clean up at the traditional palace.  Later on, Se Yi came to rescue Kyu Dong. Then Eun Ha, Seol Chan and Sun Woo arrived.

The old roof was broken. Kyu Dong ran away. He doesn’t want to pay for that broken old roof. It’s priceless! The others ran away, too. Without their knowledge, their faces were captured by the security camera.


To repay for what they have done, they must perform at a charity. They tried singing with castanets and other instruments used by kids. The vice principal didn’t agree. He wanted real instruments to be played.

Sun Woo and Seol Chan argued about the plan.

The group practiced at Se Yi’s father’s friend’s place. *To avoid this very long pronous, I’ll state his name. The guy’s name was Ji Woong.*

Sun Woo and Seol Chan reminisce their childhood memories. They played a classical song which was transposed by Seol Chan when they were kids. Side by side, they played a song. Se Yi, Eun Ha, Kyu Dong and even Na Na were impressed.



Monstar Ep 3

Se Yi followed the mysterious man who was named “Adam.” Later on, she discovered that he wasn’t really Adam. However, he didn’t give her his name.

Honestly, I’m about to cry while watching this. I could sense that this man was her father. The sad part is, she lost her memories as a child when the car accident occurred. She believed that her father died.

Monstar Ep 2

Jae Rok was a bully and a bad ass. His attitude pisses me off. But Se Yi was a tough girl. She can handle him well. Ha! He can’t bully her even if she’s a transfer student.

There was an evaluation, or let’s just say test, in music. Seol Chan teamed up with Sun Woo and Se Yi. But the star wasn’t able to be at the music hall in time. Se Yi and Sun Woo performed. They looked like a happy couple. Everybody’s impressed with their performance. Meanwhile, Seol Chan was pissed.

Monstar Ep 1

The leading lady, Min Se Yi, was cute. The leading man, Yoon Seol Chan, reminds me of the leading man in Rooftop Prince! XD His life reminded me of JB in Dream High Season 2. Well, I guess this was like the third season of Dream High.

By the way, Se Yi has a great voice! She could be in the opera! =O Her playlist was weird since there were no song titles there.

I was surprised when I realized that some of the casts of Gu Family Book were there. Even the one who played So Jung in Gu Family Book was there, with a wild hair! XD