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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Cast

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Brought to you by tvN

Directed by Kim Byung Soo

Written by Sng Jae-Jung and Kim Yoon Joo

Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Mystery

20 episodes


Let’s meet the cast.

First, the cast for the year 2012:


Lee Jin Wook as Park Sun Woo


A news anchor at a TV broadcast station.


Jo Yoon Hee as Joo/Park Min Young


A junior reporter, and Sun-woo’s colleague.


Jeon No-min as Park Jung Woo

Sun-woo’s older brother


Kim Hee Ryeong as Son Myung Hee

Sun Woo’s mother-


Jeong Dong Hwan as Choi  Jin Cheol

Jung Woo’s real father


Lee Seung Jun as Han Young Hoon

Sun Woo’s bestfriend


Yoo Se Rye as Sung Eun Joo

Young Hoon’s wife


Lee Eung Kyung as Kim Yoo-Jin

Jung Woo’s wife and Min Young’s mom.


Oh Min Seok as Kang Suh Joon

Park Min Young’s boyfriend


Uhm Hyo Sup as CBM station pesident


1992 cast:


Park Hyung Sik as Park Sun Woo


Seo Woo-Jin as Park Jung Woo


Jeon Guk Hwan as Park Chun Soo

Sun Woo’s father and Myung Hee’s husband


Lee Yi Kyung as Han Young Hoon


Na Hae Ryung as Han So Ra

Sun Woo’s childhood crush


Park Moon Ah as Sung Eun Joo


Ga Deuk Hi as Kim Yoo Jin


Jo Min Ah as Shi Ah/ Joo Min Young



* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Confusion

First Present: this was shown in Ep 19

It was Sun Woo and Min Young’s wedding. However, he wasn’t able to get to the church because he was stuck in the past and he died there.

Min Young, Young Hoon and Jung Woo remembered the changes brought about by Sun Woo and the incense stick.

Second Present:

The characters were the grown up and older version of the past. Sun Woo who met his time travelling self… Min Young who was the grown up Shi Ah and made a promise with the time travelling Sun Woo… Jung Woo who was jailed for three years but still regretted that he killed his father and didn’t marry Yoo Jin… These people, including Young Hoon and Jin Cheol, weren’t aware of the changes made by the time travelling Sun Woo on the original present.

The grown up Sun Woo headed to Nepal and thought of saving his life and making Min Young happy. He wanted to change his future self’s fate. But the question is, did he really helped Jung Woo up in that snowy mountain or murdered him?

* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Ep 20


Joo Min Young met Sun Woo. She remembered the promise she made with someone who looks like him. She started running away from him since then.


He thought she’s peeping at him so he intended to kill him. The CBM director thought he was raping her! XD


Inside the van, Sun Woo was asleep and unconsciously lay his head on Min Young’s shoulder. She started taking pictures! XD


Sun Woo invited her to watch a movie. She dressed herself up. She never knew that her co-reporters will watch a movie with them. XP

December 2012.

Jung Woo brought his red coat with him. The brothers met up.

Min Young and Sun Woo expressed their love for each other. They also knew about the present Sun Woo they met from the past.

Sun Woo headed to Nepal. Ha! I knew it! Sun Woo killed his brother! But that Sun Woo was the grown up boy from the past. I guess the story will just keep on turning with unidentified ending.

* *


This was really a great show!

Great plot! The story was well written. There may be sudden changes but I was able to follow the flow.

Great actors and they acted so natural. Jin Cheol pissed me a lot!

I love the Joo Min Young-Park Sun Woo couple! They’re so kawaii! =>

As expected from suspense dramas, it didn’t end the way the audience expected. No happy ending. But still, I was satisfied with the creative plot.

Well, it turned out to be a never ending story. It reminded me of an American movie “Ghost Ship” where the main character played a lot of role at different time frames and the story kept on going until the end.

* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Ep 19

Young Hoon found Jin Cheol near Sun Woo’s car. The latter was a poor old man.

It has been 1pm already and Park was still missing. His co-reporters searched for him. The police took Sun Woo’s car for investigation.

Jung Woo arrived at Jin Cheol’s store and discovered what happen to his brother. He looked up for the car accidents in 1993 to know if Sun Woo was dead. He really died at around 8:30pm and his body was cremated. Jung Woo and Young Hoon couldn’t believe what happened.

It was weird. Jin Cheol had no idea about Jung Woo being his son. He went to see Myung Hee. That was the first time I saw him cry. Wow. He wanted to see his son but Jung Woo refused. He died in a car accident.



Sun Woo came back to his senses. Good thing, he was still alive. Phew! Btu he was still stuck in the past. =(


April 24, 2013. 8pm.

Young Hoon took Sun Woo’s phone. It was described as an unidentified object in 1993. He finally played Sun Woo’s voice message. His friend’s fifth message was why he can’t go back to the present.

“The incense stick was me and I’m the one who killed him. I said that the incense stick was mocking my fate. But it was I who was the incense stick. The moment I lit up the incense stick, I become the fruit of knowledge for others’ lives.”

Back in 1993, young Shi Ah saw Sun Woo at the telephone booth. His last words:

“Remember my face. Don’t forget it. When you see a man that looks just like me, don’t get close to him. Don’t try to warm him up. Don’t even take interest. He is going to ruin your life. Stay away from him.”

This was such a heart breaking episode!

* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Ep 18


Jung Woo was sentenced for three years while four years and six months for Jin Cheol.


Jung Woo was alive and he’s a surgeon in an international medical missionary of Green Hope, while Jin Cheol only owns a small medical supply store.

Young Hoon was so happy for Sun Woo and Min Young.

Min Young confirmed that the wedding was real!


February 2013.

In Min Young’s place, Min Young kept on commanding Sun Woo to propose to her that day. He doesn’t want to because it was his charm! XD Aw. I really miss these two! => Min Young left the house and Sun Woo stayed asleep, smirking!

After thirty minutes, someone arrived. Sun Woo thought that it was Min Young. But actually, it was Yoo Jin. He immediately rose up, covering himself with the blanket since he’s only wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. Busted! Min Young’s step-father Joo Soung Hoon was also there. Min Young arrived and the couple talked at the bathroom. She decided that their wedding will be on April.

<end of flashback>


Jung Woo congratulate Min Young. He remembered how the events turned out to be.


Now what happened to Sun Woo?

Time was up and the incense died out. But Sun Woo was still in the past. Oh no! This must be the consequence of the stick. He’ll remain in the past. I just hope he’ll be able to see Min Young after twenty years… even if he’s almost at his sixties….

In his car, the incense holder and case disappeared. No way! Chang Min was still alive!!! AHHH!!!!

He did a record.

“April 24, 2013.

My first message to my friend Han Young Hoon. I don’t know where my life will end up. I’m leaving a message just in case. Young Hoon, the incense stick is screwing me until the last moment. I’m stuck in the past right now.”


2013. 12:30pm

Sun Woo wasn’t at the church yet. Young Hoon and Min Young were worried.



Jin Cheol saw the eye witness. He hit the telephone booth where the witness was.

Sun Woo lost a lot of blood until he lost his consciousness. NOOO!!!!! >.<

Jin Cheol in 2013 fell to his knees, exhausted. I think he lost his consciousness, too.

* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Ep 17


Young Park Sun Woo was stabbed a few times. 38 year old Sun Woo came to the rescue. He also handed him the video tape and told him to meet Reporter Oh Chul Min in 1993 because he’s a trustworthy reporter. Finally, I was able to know the CBM president’s name!

Jung Woo received a call from the eye witness and gave him two choices: either to runaway from his crime or runaway from his wedding and pay for his crime. He had chosen the second one.



Choi Jin Cheol’s life in 2013 changed. His secretary and personal driver disappeared as well as his car.

Also, Min Young’s life changed. The funeral scene disappeared and it was replaced by her wedding… with Park Sun Woo. She’s back as Joo Min Young! Yeah!!!! =D

* * * *


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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel Ep 16

Young Hoon saw Sun Woo at the Catholic Church, praying and crying.

“I have never prayed. I don’t know if i’m doing it right. Will he understand?” –Sun Woo

Young Hoon said that Jung Woo died thirty minutes ago. Sun Woo hurriedly left the church. He said that he’s going to kill Jin Cheol in the past.

Young Hoon slapped him so hard. He was mad.

“You prayed in church all night and all you can think of was murder? You crazy fool!” –Young Hoon

He took the case of the incense stick. Sun Woo demanded to give it back. Now that I think about it… Sun Woo might kill Young Hoon.  Young Hoon ran back to the church and prayed. He thought of getting rid of the incense stick. He said that Sun Woo should not blame Jin Cheol but the incense stick instead.

“If this is really devil, the Lord will help us.” –Young Hoon

Young Hoon lift the incense stick. All of a sudden, the incense stick and its case disappeared! Now that, really surprised me. My jaw dropped, literally. Even Young Hoon…

Young Hoon thought that God took the incense stick.


April 24, 2013. 10 am.

Jin Cheol confirmed that Sun Woo has a time machine. He was afraid of getting killed. He commanded his secretary to find out what ‘incense’ means.

At the funeral, Yoo Jin was just staring blanky at nothing. The CBM president and told Sun Woo that Jin Cheol was going to prison.

Meanwhile, Young Hoon asked if teh incense stick came back. It didn’t and he was relieved. He told Sun Woo that it was right that the disappearance of the stick was gone since Jung Woo, the owner of it, was gone.

“It wasn’t God who took it. But it was me losing that incense stick at that time. That’s what I think.”

Young Hoon asked who might take the incense stick. Sun Woo doesn’t know but one thing’s for sure. It wasn’t Jin Cheol or else, he’ll be dead by now.



Jung Woo called Min Young before he died.

“Thank you for choosing me as your dad even if I’m not qualified. I’m sorry.

Stay well. Tell mom to stay well.

<end of flashback>

Sun Woo saw Min Young crying in front of her dad’s casket. She asked him to go back to the past and change their life now. But he can’t because it disappeared.


April 24, 1993

The bribed investigator got the metal case (incense) back! Worse, he gave it to Jin Cheol! Ugh. >.<

Jin Cheol saw the two incense sticks as well as the young Sun Woo’s note to his future self. He kept it at his office.



Jin Cheol was evily happy that the incense stick went to him. The judge was saying, “this court sentences ten years of prison to Choi Jin Cheol…” Jin Cheol suddenly collapsed and lost his consciousness. He was rushed to the hospital. I thought he died… of heart attack.

At the ambulance, Jin Cheol suddenly woke up. It scared his secretary. He commanded him to look for the metal case then he lost consciousness again. Weird.


Sun Woo left when he heard about Jin Cheol. Min Young had a bad feeling about it. Young Hoon called him. Sun Woo thought that Jin Cheol could have remembered that he has the incense stick.

Oh no! I just hope that the incense won’t work on Jin Cheol! 😛


Jin Cheol’s secretary brought the metal case. Jin Cheol was in a hurry to open it. He demanded to be left alone inside the hospital room. He lighted one stick and it was immeadiately burned into ashes! I hope the other one will burn into ashes, too. But I guess it won’t. The stick disappeared in his hand and he was transported to 1993. He called Chang Min and ordered him to kill Sun Woo in 1993.


Young Hoon called Sun Woo and told him that Jin Cheol has two incense sticks. Sun Woo went to the hospital and barged into Jin Cheol’s room. He put off the lighted incense. Jin Cheol was immeadiately transported to the present.

Sun Woo left the hospital. In 1993, it was Jung Woo’s wedding. He called Young Hoon and asked where he was that time in 1993. Both of them cannot remember what happened. Sun Woo suddenly had a long scar on his right arm. He just thought that he’s going to die but he doesn’t know where.

-end of Ep 16-

* * * *


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