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AI 12 Finale


candice glover

Candice Glover, baby! Whoo! =D



Anyway, here are my personal picks:

Kree won round one.

Kree again for the second round. I just like how she performed that song.

Candice won the last round. I felt shivers ran down my spine when I watched it. Brrr…

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I do not own the photo, even the show.


AI Week 17

Round One:

I ranked the girl’s performances.

#1 Angie

#2 Candice

#3 Kree


Round Two:

#1 Candice

#2 Angie

#3 Kree



America eliminated…


Angie Miller.

This means that Kree and Candice will be on the finale!

* * * *


I neither own the photo, nor the show.

AI Week 16

Round one: Songs from 2013

Angie: like her rendition of “Diamonds.”

“This one is different from your usual piano performance. You move with your body and less with the heart.” -Nicki

Amber: “Just Give Me A Reson” She should have chosen an emotional song, isntead.

“This is not the same Amber that is carefree… It doesn’t need to be stellar.” -Rnady

Candice: She sang the current song I like, “When I was Your Man.” Yay! It’s emotional. Love it!

“I didn’t care about the gender. If you can sing, you can sing everything. This girl is in it to win it!” -Randy

Kree: An emotional Carrie Underwood track. I’m not familiar with it but I love it!

“You were very connected. I felt you… I was really happy. I enjoyed you so much because of how authentic you are.” -Mariah


Round two

Angie: Emotional. Beautiful.

“Continue to shine.” -Mariah

Amber: I love her performance. It’s elegant, emotional and classical. She got a perfect standing ovation from the judges.

“That was so beautiful! Oh my God. From the set to your outfit… Why do you look like you wanna cry?.. Please believe in yourself! That was a good job.” -Nicki

Candice: Elegant. Classic. Love it. Perfect standing ovation, baby!

“There is no critique. The only critique is I’m gonna download this ASAP… You’re so anointing.” -Mariah

Kree: Classic. Just right.

“For me, I would choose a different song… Just feel you thing, baby.” -Keith

* * * *


Safe: Angie Miller and Candice Glover

Bottom two: Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb.



Amber Holcomb

I’ll miss her classical performance. =(

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I neither own the photo, nor the show.

AI Week 15


Amber and Kree: “Rumor Has It” Kree looks like Adele. Amber’s hair was crazy! Good performance.

“That was really good! It was interesting watching the two of you perform together. Amber, you found this commanding stance. Kree, I know you voice was sensational. Just cut loose.” –Keith

Angie and Candice: “Stay” Two powerhouse vocals. Wow! Goosebumps. They have connection. Great duet! =D

“Unbelieveable! That’s how you do a duet! Amazing!” –Randy


One Hit Wonders:

Amber: Like it! She’s a diva! Love her upper register.

“If you don’t know what Amber is, she’s in it to win it. You hit that crystal clear high notes… You’re so ready. You’re so now. Ryan, I would sign (a contract) with her now.” –Randy

Candice: I love her song choice, “Emotion.” I enjoyed her performance!

“You did a stellar performance with a cold… You are my super duper super star!” –Mariah

Kree: Nice performance. Full of emotion.

“Next week, think about a song that would bring you out, and bring us all in.” –Keith

Angie: It’s emotional. It’s theatrical. I like it!

“Tonight was your night.” –Nicki

* *


Top two: Angie Miller and Kree Harrison

Bottom two: Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover

Good news: No one was eliminated!

Thank you! I thought that Amber (or Candice) would be eliminated. Phew!

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I do not own the photo, as well as the “American Idol” show.

AI Week 14

Round 1: sing a song from year of birth

Janelle: nice performance with her guitar. It was like a lullaby. Like it!

“I love that song… It’s all emotion… It’s angelic. Your voice is beautiful but I didn’t feel it.” –Keith

Kree: nice song choice. Jamming time! =D

“I love you. I love your voice. What I love about you is your naturalness in your voice… I love it!” –Randy

Angie: She performed with the piano. It’s so theatrical and magical. I love it! She got a standing ovation from the judges!

“I’m so glad with the choice you made… You know who Angie is on that piano better than anyone else.” –Nicki

Amber: She did a Mariah song! Yay! I love her rendition. Goosebumps. Love the blow at the end! Standing ovation, baby! Whoo! =D

“Vote for Amber!… I love to hear you sing in that upper register. I love the choice you made. Yey!” –Mariah

Round 2: Diva track

Candice: She sang “When You Believe.” Right from the very start, I had goosebumps. Love it! She got a perfect standing ovation from the four judges. Randy even praised her.

“I am so proud of you every single time you sing.” –Mariah

Janelle: nice performance. Rock on! Dolly P.? Not familiar with her diva though. Sorry.

“I don’t think that was the best song for you to shine. You’ve got the choice to do great.” –Keith

Kree: She picked a Celine Dion track. Her performance was magical.

“You can sing everything… You were that good. Very effortless.” –Randy

Angie: She had chosen a Beyonce track, “Halo.” She did a great job!

“Now my Angie Miller is back! You did that song just like a queen could.” –Nicki

Amber: Barbara Streisand was her diva. It’s classical, sensational and emotional. Goosebumps. She got a perfrect standing ovation from the judges, too! =D

“Classic. Beautiful. Elegant. You are potentially a massive star. Thank you for this performance.” –Mariah

* *


Top three:

Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb.

Bottom two:

Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur.



janelle arthur

Janelle Arthur.

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I neither own the photos, nor the show.

AI Week 13

Amber Holcomb: love her performance!

“I love the transition you made. It’s like a legendary vocalist who did this song… Top of the world.” –Mariah

Lazaro Arbos: at first, I like his own rendition. But it didn’t continue until the end.

“I was speechless. All I can day is ‘no, no, no.’ I don’t know what’s going on.” –Randy

Kree Harrison: I really love her voice! Yay! =D

“That girl can sing! That’s what it’s really about!” –Randy

Janelle Arthur: I like her soothing voice. Makes me wanna sit back and relax.

“I see a different side about you every week.” –Keith

Candice Glover: Love it! She even got a standing ovation!

“One of the greatest performance in history.” –Randy

Angie Miller: Like, like, like!

“You knew what was good for you, you did it.” Nicki.


This is what happened.

Top two: Kree and Candice

Middle two: Angie and Janelle

Bottom two: Lazaro and Amber

Seriously, why is Amber always at the bottom? She’s a great singer! She should be lined up with Candice and  Kree!

Now, after the nationwide vote, the one who was eliminated this week was…

Lazaro Arbos

Lazaro Arbos.

Aw. My favourite guy in AI 12 is now gone. T.T

But seriously, I believe that Lazaro won’t be forgotten. I was impressed by his determination right from the very start of this season. He gave us inspiration. He made us realize that even if a lot of people humiliate you, as long as you have the talent and you believe in yourself, you can do whatever you wanted to do.

Okay. It’s obvious that he’s my favourite for saying such things! Out of all who were eliminated, I only wrote something like this on him. XP

Cheer up, Essay! Yup. I’ve to keep a positive outlook in life. I still have Candice and Amber, anyway. Go girls! You can do it! =D

Next week’s prediction: I guess the one who would be eliminated would either be Janelle Arthur or Amber Holcomb. It was just a guess. Don’t believe it. 😛

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I neither own the photos, nor the show.

AI Week 12 Update

Sorry, people. I wasn’t able to watch this week’s AI. But I know the result and it broke my heart.

This week, the one who said goodbye in the competition is…

burnell taylor

Burnell Taylor.

Aw! T.T

I’ll miss that very recognizeable voice in the following AI episodes.

-End of Week 12-

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I do not own the photos, as well as the American Idol show.