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Top RWBY Costumes

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat


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Top 10 RWBY Weapons

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat

This list is based on the weapon’s efficiency, design and total badass quality.

10. Neptune’s Gun and Coco’s Handbag

Gun that turns into a trident with electric current? A badass gatling gun? Come on. Who wouldn’t like that?

9. Sun’s Ryuji and Jingu Bang

images (5)

Convertible weapon good for short and mid range combat. The name screams “Bigbang!”

8. Blake’s Gambol Shroud

Gambol shroud photo derived from

Can be used with semblance and induced with dust. This multi-purpose weapon sure is cool.

7. Weiss’ Myrtenaster

unnamed (1)

I really like the idea that you could use a variety of dust on this one.

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6. Pyrrha’s Miló and Akoúo

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Javelin + xiphos + rifle + shield. Another convertible weapon.

5. Emerald’s weapon

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Also a convertible weapon. Kusarigamas!!!

4. Ruby’s Crescent Rose

images (7)

I love this scythe/ sniper rifle since the red trailer. The looks of it already defines badass.

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Top 10 RWBY Characters with Cool Semblance

Here are my top 10 RWBY characters with cool semblance!

Bakas Ng Mga Sinulat

Semblance is something that is innate in nature. This ranking is based on the ability of the characters to fight in armed and unarmed combat, to control the semblance, and mastery to use it in various stunts.

10. Lie Ren

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Ren has the ability to gather his strength and fight in unarmed combat. He has mastered how to use his aura for offense and defense. What sets hi  in the 10th rank is his endurance. Using too much of his aura drains his energy. In battle, winners are the ones who were left.

9. Blake Belladonna

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Blake’s shadow create clones of her mostly for defense and diversions. She has shown mastery of her semblance since the first season. However, her clones were stationery thus only distracting the enemy.

8. Sun Wukong

photo derived from photo derived from

Sun has a similar semblance to that…

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Ascension Game Review

Ascension is a free online visual novel game by Rinmaru.

Before I begin, what is a visual novel? It’s an interactive fiction game. It focuses on the story compared to the usual games that focus on battles/duels. It comprises mostly of dialogues and/or narration. It’s like reading a choose your own adventure book wherein every choice you make will affect how the story ends.

In Ascension, you will play as Aida, the bad ass protagonist of “Ascension.” Together with her best friend, Sky, they searched for the mysteries behind the journals of Sky’s mother. That is how their adventure began.

Perhaps what made this game likeable is the language. Rin used the modern English despite the game being set on the medieval age. This made the conversations lively and realistic.

Second is Aida as being the troublemaker. She constantly gets herself in trouble, typical for protagonists. She’s also mischievous which is not the usual attitude of protagonists. She has flaws and this is what makes her human… half-human.

Third, every choice you make develops your personality. Blue for good will, violet for cunning and red for rage. Aida’s default personality is “cunning.”


There’s also a love interest option. Choose either the elven mage Zander or the drunkard knight Jace.

Just to give you an idea, Zander was an intelligent elf, a little too emotional for a man. He’s a sarcastic witty friend and a sweet protective lover. At first, Zander and Aida we’re like a married couple who were always ranting on each other. But seriously, you can’t help but like Zander.



Jace on the other hand, seemed like an idiot. Yup. That’s the first adjective you’ll tag along with his name once you first met him. But Jace was also kind. He’s a funny friend, a good kick ass partner and somehow a playboy. But he’s sweet and caring as a lover, and he doesn’t want you to see him giggle/cry like a girl. He respects his own “manhood.”


hidden coinsTip: Always hover your cursor all over the screen. There may be hidden coins around.

Tip #2: If you can, help the folks around so you can get extra coins. Also, help the blacksmith     reunite with his daughter so you’ll get yourself a nice pair of daggers as a reward.

Tip #3: Try playing using all personalities for every try. Aida acted like a drunk who’s mad at everything when I played in rage personality. Plus, be consistent with the personality you use in order to convince the blacksmith’s daughter to reunite with her father and you’ll get your daggers.

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Ravenmarch Game Review

“Ravenmarch: Empire In Flames” is a combat game in Facebook.

There would be guides for beginners in this game so you’ll know your way around. Ravenmarch has its own world, set in the medieval times. The world is divided in three factions: the Empire, the League and the Kingdom with colors red, white and yellow respectively.


Unlike the usual combat games, the players of a certain faction only come from one castle. In this way, the enemy who wanted to attack your castle will have to battle against all the other players in your faction.

It was the League faction’s golden era last year wherein they were able to almost conquer the whole world. I was actually in the league during those days. If you’re planning to join the League these days, then here’s a piece of advice: do not depend on the other players in your faction. This faction is currently on a do-it-your-own state. The players communicate with each other once in a blue moon. The King don’t even give orders. You’ll even be surprised that he’s online, conquering castles. It’s like the opposite of its golden era, the months when Froston was the king. There’s unity and the players help the others in their faction. SrBratt has been a good king, too. But the current king? Hm. The League faction seemed like it’s not a league anymore. But somehow, the individuality helps in invasions. [update: the current line up of officials is good and gamers were team players. There is an initiative to rescue others when they see that someone needs help.] Some will go against the Kingdom and others on the Empire faction. Some Kingdom players tag the league players as “Sneaky Whites” and “smart.” Also, this faction has a lot of resources. Just click on the world view and enjoy journeying to castles and getting resources like food, timber, gold, iron, and exp.

The Kingdom is also having a snob king as of now. Good thing, some players manage to communicate with the others and tell them where to attack next. Currently, the Kingdom’s faction is reigning among the three. This faction manages to conquer many fortress perhaps because of their unity. “We’ll attack here, you’ll attack there… until we meet in this castle.” Some what like that. They have relatively high level players, mostly 90+ levels. If you’re in this faction, you’ll constantly get resources from online bonuses which can be claimed after quiet a few minutes.

The Empire is another strong faction and a rich one. In terms of investments, they ranked first most of the times. This is also the faction with high level players… 100+ levels. Those kind of players are the ones that are difficult to beat even if they’re just phantoms.

[Update: In any of the faction, you can’t avoid to encounter the selfish and greedy players. But don’t fret. There are still good gamers out there who’ll assist you in siege battles.]

This whole game is good whether you’re fighting in groups or just as one. Also, once you get to level 35 or higher, you can set the battle in auto mode. In this way, you won’t have to click whichever type will you use in battling against your opponent.

The problem is that as you upgrade higher, the duration of upgrading gets slower and when I say slower, I mean it will take up to one month just to upgrade your level. Plus, upgrading your level is different form upgrading your generals. Good thing, upgrading your generals isn’t that slow. They can upgrade up to three levels higher within a week. However, as your general level increases, his upgrade goes slower, just like when you’re upgrading your avatar. The best way to get exp and level up is to conquer cities.

Best of 2013

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