Kang Chi grew up as a stubborn who likes his sister, Chung Jo. Her sister was about to marry a noble man.

He received a letter from Chung Jo. But he met his mother Lady Yoon instead. He was given two choices.

“Leave the Hundred Year Inn on your own, and never come back. If you won’t leave on your own, I’ll have to make you never come back.” –Lady Yoon


There was this lady who’s good with sword and archery but dresses as a man. One fortune teller told her that she won’t find the man who’s destined for her because she dresses up like a man. So Jung told her that she’ll find him but she has to avoid him.

“If you can, you should avoid this fate… If you meet, it may be unavoidable. But you can choose your destiny. Even if you are destined, if you don’t choose that path then your fate can change. There is no way to stop fated love except to avoid it.”- Sung Joo


Park left the Hundred Year Inn for a while to meet up with the Police State Officer. He was told that he may be the next businessman to be murdered by Bi Joo, one of Gwang Woong’s man.


The lady dressing like a man and his partner saved Kang Chi from the Hundred Year Inn guards. This tandem was working for the police state officer.

He told her that he’s (Kang Chi) going to protect her. It’s because he thought that she was Chung Jo. Then he lost his consciousness. The lady saw Song Jung’s sign: a cresent moon hanging on the peach tree. She was holding the unconscious Kang Chi. She just thought that he was her destiny.

-end of Ep 3-

* * * *


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