Kang Chi lost his consciousness after the fight.

History repeated itself. Chung Jo doesn’t want to be a gisaeng. Chun Ryun remembered how she resembled Seo Hwa’s attitude. Chung Jo was tied to the shame tree. When she lost her consciousness, she was brought inside the gisaeng house. She woke up with a food beside her.

Chun Ryun asked her whether she wanted to be retied at the shame tree or remain at the gisaeng house to eat porridge.


Gon thought about killing Kang Chi. The Navy Admiral and Yeo Wool suggested to take Kang Chi and decide what they’ll do to him.


Kang Chi begged So Jung to turn him back to human. Because of his appearance, he can’t return to the town.

Four days passed by and Kang Chi just stayed at the Moonlight Garden. He didn’t ate anything and refused to eat what So Jung gave him. Yeo Wool arrived and hurriedly hit Kang Chi’s head. She convinced him to continue living since it was only his outer appearance that changed. He was still Kang Chi. It was amazing that when she comforted him, his eye color turned back to its human color.


Kwanung took over the hundred year inn. The criminals will be slaves under him. Lady Yoon refused. Kwanung threatened her with a sword. The lady pulled that sword to pierce her body. Before she died, she cursed him that the inn will be his grave. The slaves cried out.


Kang Chi VS the beast inside him. Unfortunately, he lost and came up to a decision to kill Kwanung and everyone. Yeo Wool obeyed So Jung and ran away. She asked for help.

Gon blocked Kang Chi’s way to stop him from murdering innocent people. So Jung gave Kang Chi the bracelet that will turn him back to human. Kang Chi was tied like a prisoner and will be sent to the police. It was the governor’s wish.


Chung Jo saw Kwanung at the gisaeng house. NOOO!!!! Good thing, Chon Ryun arrived. Chung Jo returned to her room. Kwanung told Chon Ryun that there should be no more mistake.


Kang Chi faced the police the next morning. He accepted the death penalty but he requested to kill one more person and that was Jo Kwan Woong. He even exposed the lord’s bad side. The townspeople watching him started murmuring.

Kwan Woong asked what else could Kang Chi give asside from his life. He was talking about his bracelet. Oh don’t you dare remove that from him or else, the whole town will be in chaos… Most importantly, the story will end when Kwan Woong dies.

Kang Chi was about to remove his bracelet and become a beast since the execution will start, when the Navy Admiral arrived. To everybody’s confusion, he said that h he was there for his subordinate Kang Chi. Yay! Thanks, Lee Soon Shin! You saved the day! =D

-end of Ep 7-

* * * *


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