Kang Chi finally met his saviours. He was snoring so loud at his sleep that’s why the lady called him ‘piggy.’ They had a rough introduction. The two tied him on the waist and the wrists, like a pet.


Park Tae Seo welcomed Gwang Wong’s arrival. They were surprised that the old chancellor was there. Jo Kwanung got mad since there weren’t enough rooms for them. Lady Yoon kneeled down and beg for forgiveness of her son’s actions. The late chancellor thought he saw Seo Hwa in the form of Chong Ju.

Kang Chi arrived just in time. Well, he was able to drive Kwanung away.


The lady was named Miss Youl. When she mentioned that Kang Chi was afraid of spiders, it was confirmed that he was her childhood savior.


Park and Tae So apologized to Kwanung. In exchange, the old chancellor asked for either the Century House or Chong Jo. Park won’t agree so the chancellor asked for 200 lashes instead.


Kang Chi saw the robbers again and made them repay the money they have stolen.


Miss Youl saw So Jung and asked what would happen after seeing the sign. So Jung said that either of them will die. Miss Youl thought about why it has to be Kang Chi (her destiny) of all people.

Kang Chi was mazed with her Soul Blade. Then he asked if they met before because he can’t recall it.

“If we don’t remember, it didn’t mean anything.” –Miss Youl.

That night they saw a black ninja running on the roof. They chased him but htey ended up being trapped by what Miss Youl called phantoms.

There was even one that disguised as So Jung in Park Mo Sul’s office.

-end of Ep 4-

* * * *


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